Darkness would not exist without light !

During the years everybody noticed the difference between good and bad .

The tricky thing here is that everybody has a different type of seeing  .

At every step , you meet a different culture far more than your imagination would understand it . First you try to find more information , second you try to adapt , in spite of the fact you just can’t find it literally normal for you sight of seeing ; in the third move you finally understand it and it’s feels great that now you can see the actions from different types of view .

As my curiosity strikes me , I tried to find all about my country culture . How can you feel proud of your country if you don’t know anything about it . Marcus Gravey said a beautiful and inspirational quote :

” A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. “

From my point of view if you don’t earned knowledge about the place that you lived in it’s pointless . It’s like you don’t have a past either a future . If you don’t know about how your country is how it is right now , what your ancestors did for you to live and grew up in the way you did , it means that you are not happy with your country and you are not able to see what sacrifices has been made for you to live better than they did .

I am from Romania and I am proud of myself because I love my country and I wanted to learn about my past and the achievements of my country .
Vax Populi is an YouTube channel about people from country side . A reporter goes from door to door and ask silly questions like : What is the name of our country ?  , What language do we speak ?  , In what year are we now , On what planet are we ? What is the capital of our country ?  . These are just a few of them . The big disappointment is that these people don’t know the answer . It’s ridiculous and outrageous because these are simple questions . The main thing here is that this reporter is misunderstood , because he is just trying to show how people are manipulated by the authorities .
In the end the culture is the main thing that forms a man by it’s ancestors action . History is a difficult thing to understand but as it’s importance and it’s power to make actions memorable it just keeps coming back again and again .
Good and bad are just collocations witch reveal the difference between cultures . To think about your future you must first know your past .

About AC

"Viața e frumoasă şi roz" aşa obişnuia să-mi spună un om înțelept. Cu timpul, vorba lui a prins contur, indiferent de împrejurari. Fiece evenimente se întâmplau nu ma lăsam cotropită si îmi aminteam cu plăcere de suava si blânda lui voce. Secretul consta în eliberarea a tot ce ne ține pe loc. Viața îşi va urma cursul iar tu vei aştepta în zadar miracole ce va să fie.
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