A new begining !

I hardly left my home country proud of myself , that someday I will go back and make a difference .

I arrived in United Kingdom , with hope and enthusiasm . I discovered a new world far more than my imagination could ever handle . Being an E.U.  student , I find everything  opposite from what I used to know . I begun to compare , noticing that every action can have more than two ways to do it.


My name is Crina and this is my story !




I come from Romania and I am  proud of this . I came to Manchester to solve my great mystery . Words can make a difference from what should be good and what should be bad , so I choose multimedia journalism as my “muse” to help me get through the long path in my future career .


I am just 18 years old , but life wasn’t so easy with myself . I begun to see things from new lights just to  clarify that life can be cruel , sure ; but the big difference is if you let her to manage your destiny . Birds can’t fly with their broken wings but people still move on even if their soul is shattered in pieces .

My family was really supportive even though we can’t be all together . I finally understood that I wasn’t never alone . I have my mother’s eyes and my father’s lips and on my face they never broke up.

If tomorrow everything will just end , I will have some regrets that i didn’t make things different but because of them my life is so great right now . I don’t regret anything , I am just amazed how all happened so fast , I just took a breath of fresh air and just like that everything passed besides me . If I can go further ? I am build and educated to can do anything , to pass through everything and anyone , to fight in spite I can or can’t . I don’t have the right to say that ” I can’t “.

Some of us born lucky the others born fighters . I fly high , I fly hard and I am not a bird , because I feel like this when i am on the earth .I choose to fight , to wake up from my credulity age knowing that everything can be how I want to be if I have the necessary strength to believe in myself .

This summer was quite a great adventure . I managed to adventure on a motorcycle and to get on the way and to their place . I found out that are two wheels and so many roads . I realized that love is the only luxury you can have . Close your eyes and let your mind fly . We have uncontrolled reactions which controls our future .


Keep your head up and your road straight . Be proud for what you turned out to be because in the end you are the most important person for you !


About AC

"Viața e frumoasă şi roz" aşa obişnuia să-mi spună un om înțelept. Cu timpul, vorba lui a prins contur, indiferent de împrejurari. Fiece evenimente se întâmplau nu ma lăsam cotropită si îmi aminteam cu plăcere de suava si blânda lui voce. Secretul consta în eliberarea a tot ce ne ține pe loc. Viața îşi va urma cursul iar tu vei aştepta în zadar miracole ce va să fie.
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