A fresher’s affair !

              Manchester !

What a great name , for a stately city  .

I found Manchester Metropolitan University , the right place to kick off my career . The first 3 weeks as a fresher brought a rough image about the university and it’s aiming . I had taste , just a small “snack” about what life as a student actually means . I am fully aware that a stormy path lay out ahead of me .



I have so many question , that I need answers to . One thing I know for sure ; University isn’t just a start off point , it actually is the base of your career story . No one can’t build a house without a foundation , just as you can’t be successful without a proper basis .



As a future journalist , I have found the perfect city to start my journey . Being a massive city surrounded by a multicultural background ; it gives me the chance to find incredible , reliable stories that I can relate about .During this three weeks , I managed to get involved in a lot of activities beside the actual studying . Fresher’s fair was a revelation , spotting interactive people and realising that university is your way up in life .



About AC

"Viața e frumoasă şi roz" aşa obişnuia să-mi spună un om înțelept. Cu timpul, vorba lui a prins contur, indiferent de împrejurari. Fiece evenimente se întâmplau nu ma lăsam cotropită si îmi aminteam cu plăcere de suava si blânda lui voce. Secretul consta în eliberarea a tot ce ne ține pe loc. Viața îşi va urma cursul iar tu vei aştepta în zadar miracole ce va să fie.
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