A place called home !


Title : Gara Piatra Neamt Author : Costiflorea Source : https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gara_Piatra_Neam%C8%9B#/media/File:Gara_Piatra_Neamt.jpg License : CC BY-SA 3.0 ro


Did you sometime wonder which is the place that can makes you feel like a hero ?

For me that place is my beautiful and lovely hometown called Piatra-Neamt . Is that very place ,when I just cross a simple street and it revive memories that i taught i forgot . Is that exact place where you remember yourself when you had 6 years old and you were excited that you are going to school or the moment when you graduated and it’s time to leave that piece of heaven .

For all the things I had accomplished in my life the most worth mention is that I am proud being Romanian and that I was born in this town . By far it’s not a massive city like Manchester is ; Just a small place which offered me so much more than I could ever wanted . I sometimes miss the quiet and the peace , my family and every single thing that made me who I am today . I am thankful because of this I am now one step ahead to fulfil my dream to be a journalist .

It doesn’t have sparkling places or big malls but it has everything you need to have an amazing life in . Mountains, lakes and mostly covered in nature , it sounds just like a beautiful dream .


Title : Piatra-Neamt Author:cristibur Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Piatra_Neamt_1.cristibur.JPG License : Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported



About AC

"Viața e frumoasă şi roz" aşa obişnuia să-mi spună un om înțelept. Cu timpul, vorba lui a prins contur, indiferent de împrejurari. Fiece evenimente se întâmplau nu ma lăsam cotropită si îmi aminteam cu plăcere de suava si blânda lui voce. Secretul consta în eliberarea a tot ce ne ține pe loc. Viața îşi va urma cursul iar tu vei aştepta în zadar miracole ce va să fie.
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