The place where everything connects !

Social Media !

Along the years , social media has evolved fast and strong . In nowadays it has become the most used way of getting your “dose” of news and interacting with the community .

A multitude of journalists had interface the point where , they must use social media platforms to interact and find sources for their stories . At the end of the day they cannot be everywhere ,when something massive is going on .In this context social media platforms give them the chance to find relevant details and include them in the story ;

Especially in the places where they didn’t conqueror yet . 


“There’s a lot of excitement at The Guardian about what messaging apps could offer us, particularly in areas of the world where we don’t have much connection or an audience,” said Laura Oliver, head of social media at the Guardian.


rrThe Guardian , BBC , Wall Street Journal are three of the newsrooms who are using  WhatsApp to source stories . They reveal a different angle of how media is relating the story ending in to the point where the people are more concerned about the future effects on social media platforms.

“[And] on topics like Westminster and politics, people were more concerned with ‘how does this impact me’ or ‘who do I trust’?” said Laura Oliver.



WhatsApp is one of the most useful tool for journalists who are on the move  . The process of communication , sending and receiving information photos or videos is way much faster them e-mail them . With its many attributes journalists can verify the location of the person and when it was online . When that grey circle starts to be blue and they see that three dots they know that something amazing is going to be told .

BuzzFeed News reporter Rossalyn Warren”Like any reporter, Warren was paranoid about being taken for a ride but said some of WhatsApp’s faculties helped in verifying Abdul’s claims about who and where he was. Sending pictures of his passport, family, surroundings which, paired with WhatsApp’s GPS option to share his location, quelled Warren’s fears. And, when shared within the app, it is a far easier option than attaching images to email.”

From my researches I found out that Newspapers and basically hunting for readers on Instagram .

“The Times has already pulled in more than 55,000 followers for the new general Instagram account it launched on March 9, supplementing earlier Instagram forays, which include accounts devoted to fashion, travel, food and sports.”

inAccording to journalists , Instagram has become an innovative way to share early information about people’s daily concerns . Stories about human interest , sports , food or fashion are some of the contents that people are expecting to see . “Photos” this is the impact word wich lay ahead Instagram . As we all know a photo can make more than a thousand words ; and this is the main act that this platform is relying on .

Social Media has become the bridge that connects everything , everyone and everywhere . This is the breakdown of any barriers that existed in the past .


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  1. lizhannaford says:

    Thanks for your work on this, Crina. I enjoyed reading about your relevant research on WhatsApp and Instagram and you’ve found some really interesting examples. I like your use of images too (although you need to include the source for your chart!). It’s good to see you hyperlinking to your sources but avoid hyperlinking the whole quote because it’s more difficult to read. I think it looks better if you just hyperlink the name of the organisation/person the quote comes from – so just a few words should have the hyperlinking underlining rather than a whole paragraph. Also be careful with your formatting. Some of your commas and full stops are floating mid sentence. They shouldn’t be separated by a space form the previous word. Please make sure you use the Twenty Eleven theme for your WP site as directed.


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