The bus is always late ? Not anymore .

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As it is , Manchester is a massive city ; the city where there is always something happening !

A massive public consultation of 900 residents had decided that it’s time to make the traffic more fluid ; Especially for the buses which always have the “chance” to get stuck .


They develop this new project on Oxford Road which started on Monday 31 of October and it will finish after Christmas .


Nobody like to be late , to get stuck in traffic or to wait for the bus to show up after ages of waiting. With it’s over 2 million people living in this stately city traffic it’s always a problem . The plan is that the traffic will totally change after Christmas. There will be no more heavy traffic on Oxford Road ; your boss will not anymore tell you that you are always late , your friends will not get anymore mad because you show up late tired of your excuse “Traffic mate” . No more late arrivals from now on your life will become simplier and life gave you a new chance – to be there on time ( of course if you wake up late that is your problem ; you cannot blame traffic all the time )




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