What is the public opinion about Brexit!

The political point of view has been discussed in an anterior article but people’s concern is how the community is actually seeing Brexit. To this instance I had interviewed English and European people to find out from what angle are they seeing brexit.

We are going to start first with Buturuga Roxana and her consideration taken to come to United Kingdom. She was an European student and after she finished her studies , began to work within an English company. European community realize  that  England is offering a wider range of opportunities making a comparison with the European Union field. The questionable matter is if it will still provide this opportunities after the process of leaving will be final.

Our next opinion comes from Dan Gui who understand the implication of the Brexit upon the work market.A Government spokesperson said: “This Government’s commitment to building a country that works for everyone means we will maintain and enhance workers’ rights as we leave the EU. It has been noticed that the places of work will not be offered as a result of the brexit decision. “The Prime Minister needs to give a cast-iron guarantee that workers’ rights will be protected during the negotiations.”

After the referendum the pound dropped considerably in a short period of time. This circumstance can further affect the wages especially for the European workers. Already stated fact will lead to a discussion on the probability to leave the United Kingdom to a less restricted country. This implication will impact England in the manner of loosing citizens especially work force. “Ministers this week refused to say whether the Acquired Rights Directive 2001/23/EC would be incorporated into British law after Britain leaves the bloc. The EU directive requires that companies bought out by other firms safeguard jobs of the workers in the taken over firm during takeovers.”

If the community could create a scenario about what they think will follow after the process is final and the 50 Article of Lisbon is triggered how would England would be seen in their eyes then. Alex is a UK citizen and he lived here all of his life, he didn’t think that this action will ever emerge in his life. Furthermore he point out clearly and with actual facts what could happen in his opinion.”Tens of thousands of jobs could potentially be at risk if the directive falls off the statute books after Britain leaves the EU.”

In conclusion Brexit can mean anything to every one of us in particular; but what will follow I think only Theresa May knows . “We must try to formulate offers in a way so that the British remain close to us, also to have the chance to return some day.”


Title: Brexit tea Author:frankieleon Source : Flickr License : Attribution2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Optimazation has been made to the image 



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