What is the public opinion about Brexit!

The political point of view has been discussed in an anterior article but people’s concern is how the community is actually seeing Brexit. To this instance I had interviewed English and European people to find out from what angle are they seeing brexit.

We are going to start first with Buturuga Roxana and her consideration taken to come to United Kingdom. She was an European student and after she finished her studies , began to work within an English company. European community realize  that  England is offering a wider range of opportunities making a comparison with the European Union field. The questionable matter is if it will still provide this opportunities after the process of leaving will be final.

Our next opinion comes from Dan Gui who understand the implication of the Brexit upon the work market.A Government spokesperson said: “This Government’s commitment to building a country that works for everyone means we will maintain and enhance workers’ rights as we leave the EU. It has been noticed that the places of work will not be offered as a result of the brexit decision. “The Prime Minister needs to give a cast-iron guarantee that workers’ rights will be protected during the negotiations.”

After the referendum the pound dropped considerably in a short period of time. This circumstance can further affect the wages especially for the European workers. Already stated fact will lead to a discussion on the probability to leave the United Kingdom to a less restricted country. This implication will impact England in the manner of loosing citizens especially work force. “Ministers this week refused to say whether the Acquired Rights Directive 2001/23/EC would be incorporated into British law after Britain leaves the bloc. The EU directive requires that companies bought out by other firms safeguard jobs of the workers in the taken over firm during takeovers.”

If the community could create a scenario about what they think will follow after the process is final and the 50 Article of Lisbon is triggered how would England would be seen in their eyes then. Alex is a UK citizen and he lived here all of his life, he didn’t think that this action will ever emerge in his life. Furthermore he point out clearly and with actual facts what could happen in his opinion.”Tens of thousands of jobs could potentially be at risk if the directive falls off the statute books after Britain leaves the EU.”

In conclusion Brexit can mean anything to every one of us in particular; but what will follow I think only Theresa May knows . “We must try to formulate offers in a way so that the British remain close to us, also to have the chance to return some day.”


Title: Brexit tea Author:frankieleon Source : Flickr License : Attribution2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Optimazation has been made to the image 


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What is the meaning of Brexit ?

A big concern is upon the global community in the past months. In the summer of 2016 the government decided to up to a vote if England it’s in the case to leave the European Union. More than half of the population voted to leave despite the fact that ” Scotland backed Remain by 62% to 38%, while 55.8% in Northern Ireland voted Remain and 44.2% Leave”

The first part that we need to look at is the simple question that everyone is wondering what it means and even months after the referendum a majority still don’t know. What the term “Brexit” actually means ?” It is a word that has become used as a shorthand way of saying the UK leaving the EU – merging the words Britain and exit to get Brexit …”


Title: Brexit Author: succo Source:pixabay  License: CCo Public Domain

This referendum implied a lot to assimilate especially that the society wasn’t aware of the significance of the decision. “It seems rather worryingly however that straight after the results one of the top questions asked in the U.K. on Google was: “What is the EU?” “.

The biggest matter is if the people knew what they were voting for. Nobody did any research on the subject but as late as they found out that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union started a massive questionable substitution. Google released a photo summing up the most popular questions after the Brexit decision.

Since the referendum took place the prime minister resigned in the same day that the matter of UK leaving the EU didn’t have a way back. “Britain has got a new Prime Minister – Theresa May. The former home secretary took over from David Cameron, who resigned on the day after losing the referendum.”

It is clear that United Kingdom will formally leave the EU the question that remains is when ? “For the UK to leave the EU it has to invoke an agreement called Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which gives the two sides two years to agree the terms of the split. Theresa May has said she intends to trigger this process by the end of March 2017, meaning the UK will be expected to have left by the summer of 2019 …”



A problem is arising taking in consideration that England is multicultural and colorful from the nation angle of speaking  “If it remains within the single market, it would almost certainly retain free movement rights, allowing UK citizens to work in the EU and vice versa. If the government opted to impose work permit restrictions, then other countries could reciprocate, meaning Britons would have to apply for visas to work.”

The controversy behind this action triggered the population interest if there could be another referendum that would change the decision of leaving the European Union .”Both the Conservatives and the Labour Party have ruled out another referendum, arguing that it would be an undemocratic breach of trust with the British people who clearly voted to Leave. The Liberal Democrats – who have just a handful of MPs – have vowed to halt Brexit and keep Britain in the EU if they were to win the next general election.”

To summaries , Brexit means a wider range of changes for the politic, economy and society of England. This can lead to better or worse depending on the way of seeing.

Accreditation to American Enterprise Institute

Photo Credits:
Kat Dodd
Alexander Svensson
Secret Pilgrim

“Badass” by http://www.bensound.com

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Link to your sources !

As the digital era developed and customize our content , hyperlinking is a very useful resource to support your writing and prove your research . It gives you the opportunity to expand the context of your audience .

Some of the websites use hyperlink usually to send the reader to their list of articles on that proper subject .

  • The Mirror likes to hyperlink to their own content rather than send the audience to other websites , just like The Guardian . This two websites have a large variety of debates and discussion related just to one subject .

Hyperlinking it’s not a common thing for every platform .

  •  Websites like Independent  or The Sun  don’t use hyperlinks on a variety of articles , summarising their own content without adding any more context to their information.



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The bus is always late ? Not anymore .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As it is , Manchester is a massive city ; the city where there is always something happening !

A massive public consultation of 900 residents had decided that it’s time to make the traffic more fluid ; Especially for the buses which always have the “chance” to get stuck .


They develop this new project on Oxford Road which started on Monday 31 of October and it will finish after Christmas .


Nobody like to be late , to get stuck in traffic or to wait for the bus to show up after ages of waiting. With it’s over 2 million people living in this stately city traffic it’s always a problem . The plan is that the traffic will totally change after Christmas. There will be no more heavy traffic on Oxford Road ; your boss will not anymore tell you that you are always late , your friends will not get anymore mad because you show up late tired of your excuse “Traffic mate” . No more late arrivals from now on your life will become simplier and life gave you a new chance – to be there on time ( of course if you wake up late that is your problem ; you cannot blame traffic all the time )





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A place called home !


Title : Gara Piatra Neamt Author : Costiflorea Source : https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gara_Piatra_Neam%C8%9B#/media/File:Gara_Piatra_Neamt.jpg License : CC BY-SA 3.0 ro


Did you sometime wonder which is the place that can makes you feel like a hero ?

For me that place is my beautiful and lovely hometown called Piatra-Neamt . Is that very place ,when I just cross a simple street and it revive memories that i taught i forgot . Is that exact place where you remember yourself when you had 6 years old and you were excited that you are going to school or the moment when you graduated and it’s time to leave that piece of heaven .

For all the things I had accomplished in my life the most worth mention is that I am proud being Romanian and that I was born in this town . By far it’s not a massive city like Manchester is ; Just a small place which offered me so much more than I could ever wanted . I sometimes miss the quiet and the peace , my family and every single thing that made me who I am today . I am thankful because of this I am now one step ahead to fulfil my dream to be a journalist .

It doesn’t have sparkling places or big malls but it has everything you need to have an amazing life in . Mountains, lakes and mostly covered in nature , it sounds just like a beautiful dream .


Title : Piatra-Neamt Author:cristibur Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Piatra_Neamt_1.cristibur.JPG License : Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


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The place where everything connects !

Social Media !

Along the years , social media has evolved fast and strong . In nowadays it has become the most used way of getting your “dose” of news and interacting with the community .

A multitude of journalists had interface the point where , they must use social media platforms to interact and find sources for their stories . At the end of the day they cannot be everywhere ,when something massive is going on .In this context social media platforms give them the chance to find relevant details and include them in the story ;

Especially in the places where they didn’t conqueror yet . 


“There’s a lot of excitement at The Guardian about what messaging apps could offer us, particularly in areas of the world where we don’t have much connection or an audience,” said Laura Oliver, head of social media at the Guardian.


rrThe Guardian , BBC , Wall Street Journal are three of the newsrooms who are using  WhatsApp to source stories . They reveal a different angle of how media is relating the story ending in to the point where the people are more concerned about the future effects on social media platforms.

“[And] on topics like Westminster and politics, people were more concerned with ‘how does this impact me’ or ‘who do I trust’?” said Laura Oliver.



WhatsApp is one of the most useful tool for journalists who are on the move  . The process of communication , sending and receiving information photos or videos is way much faster them e-mail them . With its many attributes journalists can verify the location of the person and when it was online . When that grey circle starts to be blue and they see that three dots they know that something amazing is going to be told .

BuzzFeed News reporter Rossalyn Warren”Like any reporter, Warren was paranoid about being taken for a ride but said some of WhatsApp’s faculties helped in verifying Abdul’s claims about who and where he was. Sending pictures of his passport, family, surroundings which, paired with WhatsApp’s GPS option to share his location, quelled Warren’s fears. And, when shared within the app, it is a far easier option than attaching images to email.”

From my researches I found out that Newspapers and basically hunting for readers on Instagram .

“The Times has already pulled in more than 55,000 followers for the new general Instagram account it launched on March 9, supplementing earlier Instagram forays, which include accounts devoted to fashion, travel, food and sports.”

inAccording to journalists , Instagram has become an innovative way to share early information about people’s daily concerns . Stories about human interest , sports , food or fashion are some of the contents that people are expecting to see . “Photos” this is the impact word wich lay ahead Instagram . As we all know a photo can make more than a thousand words ; and this is the main act that this platform is relying on .

Social Media has become the bridge that connects everything , everyone and everywhere . This is the breakdown of any barriers that existed in the past .

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A fresher’s affair !

              Manchester !

What a great name , for a stately city  .

I found Manchester Metropolitan University , the right place to kick off my career . The first 3 weeks as a fresher brought a rough image about the university and it’s aiming . I had taste , just a small “snack” about what life as a student actually means . I am fully aware that a stormy path lay out ahead of me .



I have so many question , that I need answers to . One thing I know for sure ; University isn’t just a start off point , it actually is the base of your career story . No one can’t build a house without a foundation , just as you can’t be successful without a proper basis .



As a future journalist , I have found the perfect city to start my journey . Being a massive city surrounded by a multicultural background ; it gives me the chance to find incredible , reliable stories that I can relate about .During this three weeks , I managed to get involved in a lot of activities beside the actual studying . Fresher’s fair was a revelation , spotting interactive people and realising that university is your way up in life .


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Journalism ; or a word for so many events

MMU starts to be not just a place , but a “home” where everyone is really struggling to prepare you for the future . Journalism combined with multimedia rinse to be a great idea .

My mornings from now on will start with a great story to read a cup of coffee and notes which inspired me .


Journalism all over the years started from little gossips to something huge . News nowadays can really change everything ; the way you see things ; the way you plan your events : economy , politics , events . Journalism is now the main resource for your plans.


Газета «Переславская неделя» / Ю. Н. Частов / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

News Today

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A new begining !

I hardly left my home country proud of myself , that someday I will go back and make a difference .

I arrived in United Kingdom , with hope and enthusiasm . I discovered a new world far more than my imagination could ever handle . Being an E.U.  student , I find everything  opposite from what I used to know . I begun to compare , noticing that every action can have more than two ways to do it.


My name is Crina and this is my story !




I come from Romania and I am  proud of this . I came to Manchester to solve my great mystery . Words can make a difference from what should be good and what should be bad , so I choose multimedia journalism as my “muse” to help me get through the long path in my future career .


I am just 18 years old , but life wasn’t so easy with myself . I begun to see things from new lights just to  clarify that life can be cruel , sure ; but the big difference is if you let her to manage your destiny . Birds can’t fly with their broken wings but people still move on even if their soul is shattered in pieces .

My family was really supportive even though we can’t be all together . I finally understood that I wasn’t never alone . I have my mother’s eyes and my father’s lips and on my face they never broke up.

If tomorrow everything will just end , I will have some regrets that i didn’t make things different but because of them my life is so great right now . I don’t regret anything , I am just amazed how all happened so fast , I just took a breath of fresh air and just like that everything passed besides me . If I can go further ? I am build and educated to can do anything , to pass through everything and anyone , to fight in spite I can or can’t . I don’t have the right to say that ” I can’t “.

Some of us born lucky the others born fighters . I fly high , I fly hard and I am not a bird , because I feel like this when i am on the earth .I choose to fight , to wake up from my credulity age knowing that everything can be how I want to be if I have the necessary strength to believe in myself .

This summer was quite a great adventure . I managed to adventure on a motorcycle and to get on the way and to their place . I found out that are two wheels and so many roads . I realized that love is the only luxury you can have . Close your eyes and let your mind fly . We have uncontrolled reactions which controls our future .


Keep your head up and your road straight . Be proud for what you turned out to be because in the end you are the most important person for you !

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Darkness would not exist without light !

During the years everybody noticed the difference between good and bad .

The tricky thing here is that everybody has a different type of seeing  .

At every step , you meet a different culture far more than your imagination would understand it . First you try to find more information , second you try to adapt , in spite of the fact you just can’t find it literally normal for you sight of seeing ; in the third move you finally understand it and it’s feels great that now you can see the actions from different types of view .

As my curiosity strikes me , I tried to find all about my country culture . How can you feel proud of your country if you don’t know anything about it . Marcus Gravey said a beautiful and inspirational quote :

” A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. “

From my point of view if you don’t earned knowledge about the place that you lived in it’s pointless . It’s like you don’t have a past either a future . If you don’t know about how your country is how it is right now , what your ancestors did for you to live and grew up in the way you did , it means that you are not happy with your country and you are not able to see what sacrifices has been made for you to live better than they did .

I am from Romania and I am proud of myself because I love my country and I wanted to learn about my past and the achievements of my country .
Vax Populi is an YouTube channel about people from country side . A reporter goes from door to door and ask silly questions like : What is the name of our country ?  , What language do we speak ?  , In what year are we now , On what planet are we ? What is the capital of our country ?  . These are just a few of them . The big disappointment is that these people don’t know the answer . It’s ridiculous and outrageous because these are simple questions . The main thing here is that this reporter is misunderstood , because he is just trying to show how people are manipulated by the authorities .
In the end the culture is the main thing that forms a man by it’s ancestors action . History is a difficult thing to understand but as it’s importance and it’s power to make actions memorable it just keeps coming back again and again .
Good and bad are just collocations witch reveal the difference between cultures . To think about your future you must first know your past .
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